Production of fittings

Fitting- is a node without which the pipeline is impossible
All turns, intricacies and transitions of different pipe ranges are provided by fittings. So, using these parts, it will be possible to dock pipes of various cross sections.
When choosing connectors, it should be taken into account that they must be made of the same material,as well as the pipeline.

Compression fittings

Compression fitting is a compression-type crimping part that is used for the installation of HDPE, PP, PVC pipes without the use of a welding machine. They have different shapes, with internal and external threads. Fitting consists of: body, seal-ring, clamping ring, pressing bushing, clamping nut.
The system is protected from self-unwinding during jerks, vibrations, water hammers and axial loads, due to the high catching properties of the clamping ring.
Compression fittings for polyethylene pipes guarantee complete tightness at the junction of the connected segments of PE system without the use of welding machine.
Suitable for water pipes
Easy in installation
All you need for installation is a pipe cutter and wrenches
Withstand temperatures up to 100⁰С
Types of compression fittings

Electric welded fittings

Electric welded fittings for HDPE pipes (electrofusion fittings, fittings with built-in electric heating element) are type of pipeline elements designed to connect pipes made of high-density low-pressure polyethylene grades PE-100 and PE-80. They are made by injection molding or by extrusion with subsequent mechanical processing. Electric welded fittings are available with outer diameters from 20 mm to 110 mm
Production process: an electric thermoresistor heating element is laid in the fitting body in the form of a metal spiral.
Polyethylene electric welded fittings are connected to pipes or other polyethylene fittings using a special welding machine for electrofusion welding of HDPE pipes, which supplies voltage to the embedding heater, from which the inner surface of the fitting and the outer surface of the pipe are melted. The result is a strong long-lasting connection.

Types of Electric welded fittings
Areas of implementation
In direct areas
In places of branches and pipeline turns
At the connection points with pipeline fittings
In places of change Ø of water supply
At the points of transition of pipes from polyethylene to metal ones
For polyethylene water pipes with pressure 16 at
Service life - 50 years


Electric welded fittings for HDPE pipes must be marked in the form of a barcode that contains information about the heating temperature, voltage and nominal welding time required for melting and further connection of the surfaces of the fitting and pipe, as well as cooling time after welding, which is necessary to obtain sealed connection. Information from the barcode is read electronically using a welding machine or visually.

XXX000 — fitting article;
00v — welding voltage, V;
00s — nominal welding time, sec;
c.t. 00 m — cooling time after welding, min.

Segment fittings for pipes (PE80, PE100)

Welded fittings - are segmented fittings details for HDPE pipes, which are made of high-density low-pressure polyethylene PE80 and PE100 grades. Such fittings are often called segmental fittings because they are produced from segments (separate parts) of polyethylene pipes.

The main purpose of segment fittings is in the connection of polyethylene pipes in branches and pipeline turns. Such parts are ideal for connecting HDPE pipes (PE80 and PE100), as they are made of the same material, respectively, have the same properties and technical characteristics, which makes the pipeline system very reliable.

Production process: separate segments for the future fittings are cut from a polyethylene pipe with the help of a band saw. By the method of butt welding with the help of HDPE pipe welding machines, these segments are welded at the right angles
Types of segment fittings
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